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Andie was born on 10-14-13. Andie is a Dark Sable AKC registered Cocker Spaniel, however she will not come with her AKC papers. Andie is very sweet and she Loves attention. She is happiest laying beside you or in your lap on the couch. She is shy around strangers and very afraid of Thunderstorms, I'm not sure why. It will take extra time to get her adjusted to you but lots of Patience and Love will do the trick. I do expect her to have some accidents while she transitions to her new owners, she is house trained though and she will need time to get use to her new owners, schedule change and home. She is crate trained at night. She is in excellent health, eyes clear, hips good and all is well with her. She was born with 1 short toe on each of her front paws. It does not effect her at all. She is a real sweet heart once she gets to know you and she gets along great with kids and other dogs. She is $200.00, she will need to be spayed.