Memorial Page

I have decided to add a Memorial Page to my website. On occasion, accidents happen and God calls 1 of us home. This page is set up for our 4 legged loved ones that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be there waiting for us when we get there. This Video is in rememberance of Bodacious. He was one of Addie's puppies born on 10-11-09. He was lost in a tragic car accident on 4-30-11. I have copied the email explaining what happened. R.I.P. BoBo you will be in the hearts of many forever. You made every one around you so happy! It's sad to know that you are gone but we'll see you again someday!

Bo's Story:

It was so tragic want happened to Bo. My family and I were going on

vacation the night of April 30th ( my husband and I anniversary was
May 1st) my mom and my son, Bo and my moms little 2 shihtzue were in
her car following behind us on 85. My husband and I were in front. We
took two cars bc we would be departing in Virginia ( that is where my
family and I are from) me and my husband were gonna leave from VA to
the beach for our anniversary. While my mom was gonna stay with my
brother to be with her grandkids and watch Bo for us. Well we got
about 2 hours from our house on 85 near Alamance NC, where our lives
would take a turn for the worst! We are traveling in the middle lane
when I see in my mirror that my moms car got really close to mine (she
was in a PT Cruiser) and before I could blink my eyes my mom was hit
in the rear spun 2 360's in the middle of 85 and then T-boned on the
passenger side where my son was and before coming to a stop was thrown
into the retaining wall. All I could do was scream! My husband ran to
them and got my son out, then I ran over and checked on my mom and the
dogs. Bo was in the very back of her car and he had expressed his
anals all over the car and he was thrown into the front seat. I'm not
a vet Anna but I'm pretty sure he had some internal damage. Bc of the
way he was acting and breathing! Ambulance and police come and check
out my mom and son. How they walked away from this horrific accident
was bc an angel was watching over them! (Gosh I'm shaking just
reliving it!) So I'm trying to fit everything in my car ( I have a
small BMW) I'm trying to shove stuff in the trunk and frantically
trying to get off the interstate as soon as I can at this point we are
all shakin up and next thing you know Bo backs out of his colar and
runs right into the traffic! He was hit right in front of us, as we
are standing there helpless and calling his name to come back! Anna,
he has never done this, the only thing I could think of is he was so
distraught and maybe he knew something was wrong with him, I really
don't know. But it really took a toll on us especially my son. My son
is only 5 and he is our only child, our Bo was a family member and my
son called him his brother. This tragic accident was all over a peice
of #*#t (excuse my french) which he was, he was on herion and multiple
other drugs and alcohol in his system. He was going over 90mph and was
noding out on drugs. He was wanted for a hit and run. If it wasn't for
him my family wouldn't of been hurt and my BO would still be here. I
have never loved a dog like I did him and still do. If there is such a
thing in having a soul mate in a dog Bo was it! We miss him very much!
Sorry for the detail but maybe you can realize why we have so much
I don't know if you listen to country music but there is a song that
would be really pretty for his memorial. Its called "if heaven wasn't
so far away". I'm so very thankful that Addie was able to have another
litter bc nothing would mean more to us to have a part of Bo back.


Sound is attached to this video

Beautiful Bodacious

Matthew 11: 28-30

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.