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It is with a heavy heart that we must find homes for our dogs on occasion. If we feel confident that they will do well in a new home then we feel it is important to our breeders to find them a good home. They are our family and some have been with us for their whole life. We Love them all very much but being a good dog breeder means being willing to sacrifice your heart so that you can continue improving the bloodline your currently working on. There are critics out there that say, we should keep our numbers down on the dogs we own, they are also the same critics that say we should never re-home our dogs. It is complicated and although dog breeding will pull at your heart strings and bring you heart ache when you must say Good Bye, It is also knowing when to make sacrifices for the greater good. It is also a true passion, if your not in it for the best interest of the dog, then you shouldn't be doing it. We do feel it is important to re-home our retired breeders when we can, it is when numbers are high that neglect can occur. It may not even be intentional but it doesn't need to happen, with proper placement of the retired breeders it won't happen.

Still yet they are like family and will be missed dearly by us!! So we do have certain qualifications we will be looking for in our new owners. Some of our Most important qualifications are..... YOU MUST BE LOCAL TO OUR AREA. We only want the BEST for them so VET CARE and PREVENTATIVE MEDICINES ARE A MUST! A GOOD VET REFERENCE is required to adopt one of our Adults!! INSIDE HOMES ONLY! A COMFY COUCH to lay on because that is what they are use to! LOTS OF LOVE AND PATIENCE WHEN NEEDED! Patience is necessary when adopting any adult dog. They are use to their current owners and it will take them some time to adjust to their new home, some will even need to be encouraged to eat at first. It is difficult for them but they can get through the process a lot easier with Patience, Love and reassurance from their new owners. A fenced yard if possible, they are use to going potty on their own. If you don't have a fence, then it will take them a few days to get use to going on the leash.

All of our dogs are our Babies and they are treated just like our Pets. We Love them all very much and we only want the best homes for them. This really is the hardest part, letting go when the time comes.  If you can provide a Good, Loving indoor home with lots of Patience (especially the first few weeks) and Vet Care please contact me about one of our adults. They are all great dogs! Please click on their pictures to see their descriptions.

I have made the hard decision to rehome most of my Miniature Poodles and 1 of our Cockapoos. I am getting older now and just don't have as much time for them as I use to, so in an effort to lower my number of dogs, I've decided to let them go to new homes. They are all still intact, if you are a good breeder, I will consider allowing them to go to a good breeding program. If you are interested in adopting one as a pet that is fine too and the price will be lower for pet homes. With CKC papers the price will be 850.00 each, if adopting more than 1 I will consider a discount for them. Without CKC papers is 350.00 each.