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Expenses, Pricing, Shipping, Delivery


OUR YEARLY EXPENSES: Before we get in to pricing, shipping and delivery or you get out your calculator to see how much money I am making from a litter of puppies. Here are some other figures for you to total in to our profit margin. We have receipts to prove our expenses and know what we spend very well as we have been in business for 11 years now. So before you jump into breeding with both feet, here are a few other numbers you should know about.

Dog and Puppy food = $5,500.00 a year

Vaccines, Da2PP boosters, Bordatella = $1,200.00 a year  (This does not include rabies done by our Vet)

Dewormer = $850.00 a year  (The dewormer we use cost $130.00 a bottle)

Heartworm and Flea Preventatives = $4,500.00 a year. We use K-9 Advantix and Sentinel.

Yard treatments = $450.00 a year

Shampoos, Conditioners = $400.00 a year

Clippers and Blades = $500.00 a year

Veterinarian Bills = $5,000.00+ a year (Tails and dew claws, 7 week puppy well exams, Rabies, adult visits and check ups, misc. med's)

Toys, Treats, Rawhides = $850.00 a year  (In order to give our dogs rawhides 1 time,  it takes about 2 whole lbs)

AKC/CKC paperwork = $450.00 a year

Advertisement = 500.00 a year

water, electric for dogs = $800.00 a year at least  (bathing, washing and drying towels, blankets etc, grooming, and let's not forget fresh drinking water)

Ink, Paper, office supplies = $300.00 a year

Potty papers = $400.00 a year

Cleaning supplies = $250.00 a year (we use a lot of bleach)

Blankets and towels = $200.00 a year

This list does not include crates, play yards, or when we need to adopt a new breeder of our own. Nor does it includes my taxes.



PRICING: Our puppies are priced due to their breed, color and size. Each puppy will require a non-refundable deposit to be placed on hold for you. To find out the price of a puppy, see the puppies page and their price will be posted there. Deposits will vary according to the price of the puppy. The deposit is applied toward the price of the puppy and the remainder will be expected before or when you pick up your puppy. Please contact us for additional information on any puppy you are interested in. 


All of our puppies are sold with limited registration papers, unless otherwise discussed before hand. We prefer to place our puppies in pet homes. We do not sale to puppy mills, pet stores, or brokers. Our puppies are raised by us from birth until they are placed in a good home. Our puppies are raised with the best of care and Love and we spend money on them to ensure they have every thing they need and are healthy and happy when they go to their new homes. We will occasionally allow full registration for show or for a good ethical breeder for an extra fee.


 If you ask, why do I need to pay a deposit? My answer would be, " for the puppies security in a good home willing to pay for what the puppy needs,  my peace of mind in knowing that the new puppy owners are serious in their commitment to the available puppy they choose,  and so many times I have held puppies only to find that the puppy and I are disappointed by owners that turn out not to be owners and then the puppy has to start over. And for this reason we ask for Serious Inquiries Only. Our puppies deserve a good home and if a customer has me hold a puppy for a few weeks and then doesn't show up for it, the puppy loses time and has to start looking for a new owner all over again.

You can send a check for the deposit and any additional payments you would like to make. We don't mind using Pay Pal if you don't mind paying the fee they charge for using their service. Sending a check will save you money and your puppy will be on hold as soon as you tell me you have sent the deposit, not after I receive it. All checks must completely clear our bank before puppies can be picked up. We reserve the right to refuse any check that may be suspicious!


We no longer ship our puppies, Sorry! Only on Occasion we will make an exception on shipping for breeding purposes, therapy or security reasons only. We refuse to ground ship! I do not believe in placing our puppies on the back of a truck and subjecting them to days of being stuck in a crate until they reach their destination. It is much faster and more ethical to ship by air.


We can drive up to 45 miles one way to meet you. We charge 35 cents a mile round trip. We use to drive further but due to my Mother's failing health, we can't travel far from home at this time.

REFUNDS: We do understand that on occasion a circumstance may arise with one of our new owners and they may not be able to keep their puppy. For this reason we will take the puppy back and re-home the puppy. We do not give any refunds for this reason. We will need to take on the care of the puppy, feeding, training, Vet visits, vaccines, preventative medicines etc. until the puppy is re-homed. Since the puppy is older and most new owners want a young puppy to train to their own schedule, re-homing an older puppy or dog can take several months and also the value of the puppy/dog will be much lower at an older age. Again, serious inquiries only. Be sure you are ready to fully commit yourself to the puppy you adopt for it's lifetime.


If you need to make payments on your puppy, then you can contact us for our payment plan for the breed you are interested in.  Again Serious Inquiries Only! The non-refundable deposit will be first payment for the available puppy of your choice.