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Our Covid-19 Plan

                                               Our Covid-19 Plan:


We are all certainly living in trying times and most everyone has had to change the way they do things. Our homes are our very own safe havens from the rest of the world and having a home business can be challenging. My Mother lives with me and she is elderly and disabled, also my Husband has a compromised immune system. We need to keep our home safe as do you and your family. We have always strived to have a good relationship with our Customers and to make the puppy adoption process a smooth one. We want to continue to do that but we will just have to make a few changes in order to keep everyone safe. Due to everyone spending more time at home, we have had an increase in inquiries about our puppies and upcoming litters. It is a good time to adopt that puppy you have been thinking about adopting since you will be spending more time at home. Do keep in mind that a puppy/dog is a life time commitment, not just something fun to do while you are stuck at home. Be sure you are willing to continue caring for the puppy once your Life returns back to normal!

These Guidelines need to be met in order to adopt from us:

1. First and foremost, if you have scheduled an appointment and you then feel sick, Please re-schedule for a later time! No hugs, no handshakes please! Always use hand sanitizer and wear a mask!!

2. Since we have customers that come from all over the State and surrounding States, NO ONE will be allowed inside our home at this time. All Customers must wait in our driveway in their vehicle and someone will come out to assist you. Social distancing is required at all times!! We understand the need to feel safe, but ask that you only bring 1 other person with you. Please don't bring your Parents, Aunts, Uncles and 4th Cousins removed. This is not the place for your Family Reunion. You will still be able to see our dogs and the Parents to the litter you are interested in, (weather permitting) keep your distance from our dogs please. If you bring your Children, we would appreciate it if you please make them wait in your vehicle or keep them close to you at all times. Children Love to run up and pet the dogs, we just can't allow that at this time. We will try to schedule all customers on pretty days, not rainy days.

3. We prefer that you choose your puppy by the pictures posted on our website and either mailing in the deposit or paying it through Paypal. Paypal charges a 4% fee, the deposit would be $312.00 for most of our puppies. This way limits visits to one time at pick up time. We understand some of our customers cannot choose their puppy by pictures. If you absolutely, positively cannot choose your puppy by picture, you can schedule a short visit to come look at the available puppies. Puppies under 2 weeks of age will not be taken outside, so you will have to wait until they are old enough to maintain their own body temperature. NO ONE will be allowed to touch or hold any of our puppies until they are ready to go home with you. Not only am I protecting my family, I'm protecting yours too! You will only be able to look at them before they are ready to leave with you.

4. At pick up time, we will only take Cash or If you want to mail a check for final payment, we will need it 7 business days before you pick up your puppy. All checks must have time to clear our bank before the puppy can go to their new home.

5. Paperwork will be kept at a minimum to reduce the transfer of germs. You will receive your Registration papers, Health Guarantee, Vet & Shot Records, and some training information. Please read our "Health Guarantee" listed on the Health Guarantee page and be prepared to sign it at pick up time. Bring your own pen please. You will also receive a sample of food and a toy to go home with your puppy. Your puppy will be eating Authority Chicken & Rice Puppy Food. You can get it at Petsmart or online at Chewy.com. 

These guidelines will stay in place as long as we feel it is necessary to keep all of us safe!