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Why did you name your business, "Take A Chance Puppies"? And will I be a taking a chance?

I named my business "Take A Chance Puppies" for a few different reasons. We try to name each of our adult breeding dogs with the name "Chance" and by purchasing one of our puppies, you'll be taking a "Chance" Puppy home with you. Also it is I, that have taken a chance and spent thousands of dollars on my dogs to breed them. Breeding is costly and when we purchase a dog for breeding we are taking the chance that the dog will or will not be a good breeder or suit the qualities needed for breeding. We have bought dogs that have not been exactly what we needed to breed and had to place them in pet homes. We always breed for conformation of the breed, health and temperament. Our puppies are guaranteed and they are seen by our Veterinarian, at least twice before leaving to go to their new homes.

Where are your puppies born?

In our home. Our puppies are born in our living room where they receive constant attention. Our puppies are kept in play yards (plastice fenced area) and their area is cleaned daily, more often if needed. We do not believe in keeping a whole litter of puppies in a crate, they need their space.  All Mothers will be protective over their puppies at first, some more than others. They will bark & growl at the other dogs and some times visitors, so we keep a play yard a few feet away from their space to prevent anyone from getting to close. Some females will not allow anyone around their pups the first few weeks, they have a very protective nature and know just how fragile their puppies are. They Love and need their space and we respect our Mothers, so there aren't any set backs with their puppies. We are with our females through every delivery and assist them when they need us too or take them to the Vet if they need Oxytocin or a C-section. It is very important to be with them through delivery in case a problem arises, time is of the essence for the puppies and We have our Vet's phone number handy day or night.

Where are your puppies raised?

In our living room, where they receive constant attention and are the main focal point in our home. It is important to start exposing them early to household noises such as the TV, Vacum cleaner, pots & pans etc. They are socialized with and Loved on every day. As soon as they are old enough, they are allowed to come out of their play yard and run around our living room and play freely each day. Our puppies are kept indoors until they have had their first vaccine and then they go out to start potty training, and they Only go out to potty. We keep them indoors because we live in the country, we have woods all around us, with all kinds of wild life that could be carrying diseases, we even have chicken hawks that could easily swoop down and grab a small puppy. When our puppies go out, we always go out with them. 

Where do your adult dogs stay?

Our adult dogs are crate trained and sleep inside every night, unless they are nursing in which case they'll be with their puppies. They are given plenty of time to go out side and play in a fenced yard and get their exercise. They also get to come in and spend time with us every night! During the rain or extremely hot or cold temperatures, our dogs are inside our home with us! They are all allowed inside our home and are treated as part of our family! We Love them all and they are treated just like pets!

At what age do we allow our puppies to go to their new homes?

Typically we let our puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age, and only after they have had their Well exam given by our Veterinarian. Our Vet always lets us know when they are ready to leave us.

Have your puppies been vaccinated and dewormed?

Yes, Our puppies are up to date on all vaccines and dewormings. We use Safeguard to deworm our puppies, and they receive it at the age of 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks for 3 day intervals each time. All of our puppies come with Vet & Shot records, and proof of vaccination is given as well.

Do you have a Health Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a Two year Health Guarantee on each puppy against genetics. We cover our puppies through full bone growth and development. If your puppy inherits a life threatening disease from either of his Parents, then will give you another puppy. In this event a puppy will be given as soon as we have another puppy of the same breed available.

What do you feed your dogs and puppies?

We feed our adults, Authority Tender Blends Beef and Rice Formula. We feed the puppies Authority Chicken and Rice formula Puppy food. It's important to feed your puppy a good quality puppy food for one year, they need the extra nutrients provided in the puppy food formula. It's also important to follow up with a good quality dog food after they turn 1. The first ingredient listed should always be a meat! If it's cheap, they will not get the nutrients they need to keep them healthy and it will often give them diahrrea and more frequent Vet visits for the owner. Paying a little extra for food will save you money in the long run and your dog will be healthier and happier! Also, always remember to change your puppy/dog food slowly, any abrupt changes in a Canine's food will give them diahrrea. 

Are your puppies house trained?

Our puppies will be started on house training when they are between 6 and 7 weeks of age. We do not let our puppies outside until they have had their first Da2pp (or 5-way) vaccine.

Do you crate train puppies?

We feel that crate training is a very good thing. It really helps with training them through the night. However, we feel that crate training should be customer preference only. We will crate train your puppy upon your request after the puppy is completely weaned. Older puppies that have not found their forever home yet will have to start crate training by the age of 9 weeks.

Do you require spay/neuter of all puppies?

Our puppies are raised with our Love and We Care about them dearly. We prefer they go to a home where they will be spayed or neutered when they are 6 months old. If you are planning to breed your puppy, please discuss this with me first. All of our AKC registered puppies come with Limited AKC and are pets only unless otherwise discussed with me first. We charge extra for Full AKC and require a good Vet reference. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy or dog to any one for any reason. If you are a puppy mill, don't waste your time here.

What are your methods of payment?

Paypal is always a secure way to send money. Just add the 3% fee to your payment. We accept paypal, cash, personal checks or US postal money orders for deposits only. All checks must clear the bank before picking up your puppy. We only accept cash at pick up time.

Do you ship puppies?

We no longer ship our puppies.