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Male Vs. Female




This page will help assist you with the decision  of male vs. female.                                         

I Love my males as much as my females. They can both be great companions.

Males do not always have to mark their territory but they will if they smell a female in heat in your area. Usually neutering them at 6 months of age will help solve this problem.  Male puppies will house train quickly and most will grow up to never have an issue. The male dogs temperament can be just as affectionate as the female and they often play well with children. All dogs want to be Loved, it is our main source of communication with them. They need to be rewarded and know when they have your approval as much as they need to know when they have done something wrong. With proper training, any dog can be a great house trained pet. A stud dog will usually mark his territory because he is always present with females in heat and it is in their nature to mark and claim their area. Most stud dogs after being neutered can adjust to not marking their territory. Males are very eager to please and they Love attention.

If you have a male dog and are looking to add another dog to your home, it would be best to introduce him to the new dog if it is another male to make sure they will be compatible before making your purchase. Most males especially, if they have been neutered will be fine with another male present and can live peacefully together. But sometimes whether it be male or female, one may develop the more dominant or Alpha charateristic over the other causing problems. Usually neutering will help.

If you have a female dog and are looking to add another dog, I would strongly suggest a male. Females can tend to be more dominant than males over their owners. They will often push the other female away to continue being petted by the owner. A female will often come up for attention when they see the other female being petted. The females can be just as affectionate as the males are and will also make great pets. Females often grow up to be more layed back and do not always play with children the way a male dog will. Certain breeds will bond closer with just one owner and these types can tend to be jealous over their owner. It is important to research the specific breed you are interested in and find out what the breed will need  and what best suits you and your family before purchasing a dog. Female dogs can be moody and jealous at times. Females will also mark their territory when they are in heat. Any male or female that constantly marks should be taken to the Veterinarian to be checked for a urinary or bladder infection. Females can make great pets also, they are very loyal and Love their attention. Females can bond with their family just as well as male dogs can. They both can make great family pets, but it is best with small children to have a young puppy to grow up with. I would advise waiting until your child is old enough to play with the puppy safely, to grow up with, and Love through High School.

Both male and female dogs should be neutered and spayed unless they are breeding. They will both be better pets with a happier owner. Males are often never considered by some owners. I would just have to ask them, would you love your daughter more than your son? Would you discredit your son for forgetting to lift the lid, or peeing down the side of the toilet, or in the yard or off the front porch? So if this is not enough to think about, please click on the link and read this article. It will tell you more specifically than I have, Male vs. Female.