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Searching for a Puppy


Tips on Searching for a Puppy:

This page is for my visitors that are searching for a puppy that is suitable for their home and life style. Some of our customers have asked us, "How do you avoid buying a puppy from a bad place like you see on the news (puppy mills)?" These are tips that I tell them:

1. Always research the dog breeds you are interested in to make sure they are going to fit into your home and be compatiable with your lifestyle. It is unfair and cruel to a puppy to be taken into someone's home just for the owner to find out that the puppy wasn't what they needed. Never subject your new puppy to rejection at such an early age. So be sure you know what type of dog breed is best for you.

2. Always Bleach the bottoms of your shoes upon leaving any kennel or home where puppies are kept. You can do this by carrying a squirt bottle with bleach in it and this will prevent the spread of the HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS disease called the "Parvo Virus" among other air born diseases that can be brought into your home and later make the puppy you bring home sick.

3. Always make sure the breeder at least offers a 1 year Health Guarantee, if they do not offer a Guarantee then they are not confident in the dogs they are breeding and do not care if your puppy is sick or gets sick.

4. Do not buy from anyone that will not allow you to visit their dogs, home or kennel where they keep their dogs and puppies. This usually means their dogs are being kept in poor conditions and you may end up with a sick puppy.

5. Be weary of Flea Markets and Pet stores. Pet stores buy in mass quantities and will buy from puppy mills. Without meeting the breeder you will not know what your puppy has been through and how he/she has been kept. Puppy stores leave their puppies unattended to for several hours through the night.

6. We spend at least half of what we make back on our dogs and pups. We spent $5,500.00 on dog and puppy food alone last year and have the receipts to prove it. Our dogs cost at least 20,000.00 a year to maintain their health and well-being and we have receipts to verify this too. Any one selling cheap is not caring for their dogs with Vet Care, food and preventative medicines and their puppies are not getting what they need. Trust me when I say cheap puppies are not getting what they need and neither are their parents. 

7. Be sure you are ready to commit yourself to a puppy. They are living, breathing creatures and are well known as man's best friend, they need life long care and Love. They will need Vet Care, good quality food and proper monthly preventatives to be the healthiest, happiest pet they can be for you. They do cost money and you need to be willing to spend money and time with them.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new puppy that is the perfect fit for you. We have listed a short description on the dog breeds we have on our "Breed Information" page to help you get started on your search.