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We are a small family owned and operated business. We enjoy all the time we can get with our dogs. They are welcome in our house any time and always at night. They are all worthy of sitting on the couch with us and are treated like our kids.They are a big part of our family and we love each and every one of our dogs dearly. We choose to breed dogs because of our passion and Love for them.  I have always been very passionate about dogs and animals. My husband often jokes and says, " I would have a Zoo, if he would let me." 

I grew up with a Cocker Spaniel, named Bambi. She was a buff colored Cocker. Bambi was with me from age 7 until I was in my twenties when she passed away. She was my best friend through childhood and she will always have a special place in my heart. She taught me Love and compassion on a different level. She is most likely the reason why we don't specialize in Buff Cocker Spaniels like most Breeders do.  We started our business nearly 13 years ago, with just a few Cocker Spaniels and then as a request from our Vet, we added the Cockapoos. By talking to our Vet, we learned that there were plenty of people that wanted to have the pleasure of owning a Cocker Spaniel, but they couldn't due to their allergies, so Cockapoos were perfect since they are considered low-shedding and don't bother allergy sufferers. 


We Love what we do!!! We constantly strive to do better, to improve the bloodlines we are working on. We are always anxious to see what each litter will bring us, just like a pregnant woman anticipates the birth of her child. We have a passion for each litter we help bring into this world and feel blessed by doing so. We raise our puppies in an enviorment that keeps them healthy and socialized. We do a 2 year written Health Guarantee on all of our puppies, which covers them through full bone growth and development. Our dogs are a big part of our Family along with my 2 sons, now 25 and 26 and my Step-Son and Step-daughter now 33 and 31 years old and also my 3 Grandchildren by my Step-Son. 1 of the Grandkids is 12 and the other 2 are 13. The 13 year olds are twins, fraternal not identical, as 1 is a girl and the other a boy. Our latest addition to the family, a new Grandson born in 2018. They visit us often and Love spending time with the dogs and puppies and they know how to handle them properly. We can't forget my Mom, who is our only living Parent. My Mom suffers from Ataxia type-6 which is a spinocerebullar disease that causes the muscles to weaken and lose control over time. She went from working a full time job and always staying on her feet when she was home, to being confined to a wheel-chair in her 60's. My Mom lives with us, she believes in me and sees all the hard work we're doing here and how committed to our dogs and family that we really are. I take care of my Mom now that she needs me and I appreciate each day, God gives me to spend with her.

We have God in our hearts and in our home. We believe that dogs are one of God's most precious creatures and should be treated as such. They teach us to Love unconditionally, something that comes from their hearts naturally........ which can take some humans a life time to learn. If you want to know how to truly Love someone, then a get a dog and start taking notes!!!

Update on my family situation 10-05-22: Since this page was created many years ago, I wanted to fast forward since so much has happened since then, On September 4, 2020 my Mom passed away. Shortly after on February 4,2021 my husband Luke passed away suddenly from a heart attack. It has been hard to deal with losing my 2 best human friends and life has certainly put me through some ups and downs since then. I'm thankful I still have all my 4 legged friends here, they helped me get through all the grief. Dogs really are good therapy. At the end of 2021 my 3 Step Grandkids moved in with me due to unforeseen circumstances at their home. It has been a blessing having them here and also a struggle but we are doing better and learning to grow and Love again.



Dog Breeding isn't for every one. It is a lot of hard work and we are constantly busy with our dogs and puppies. There is always cleaning and grooming, advertising, record keeping, AKC inspections, Vet visits, customers coming, and never taking a day off. It takes dedication and sacrifice. We Love what we do and we wouldn't change a thing!!! 








The Lord is my Shephard, I shall not want.............. Psalm 23