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Health Care Guarantee

                                                                               Health Care Guarantee



Breed: _______________________ Color: ______________

Sex: ____________________ Birth date: _______________

Registration Type: __________________________________

Sire: ____________________________________________

Dam: ____________________________________________


Buyer: _______________________ Phone: _____________

Address: __________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________

Transfer Date: ______________

Puppy Price: ________________ Shipping Price: ___________


This puppy was purchased for Pet:__ Breeding: __ Show:___

  1. If you did not discuss breeding or showing your puppy with the breeder and pay the extra fee, then your puppy will come with limited AKC registration and will be a pet only.

  2. If this puppy is at any time found to be neglected or kept in a poor state, or maintenance of health is not being met, then this contract will be null and void.

  3. The Breeder makes no warranty to size or color of puppy when full grown.

  4. Under any circumstances, this puppy is not to be given to a pet store, laboratory, research facility, animal shelter, or pound.

  5. The Breeder cannot be held responsible for Veterinarian bills once the puppy has been released into the new owner's care.

  6. You have 72 HOURS to take this puppy to the Veterinarian of your choice for a Well Health Exam. If in any opinion of your Vet, there is a said problem with the puppy at this time, that is or could be life threatening, the buyer will obtain a Certified Veterinarian's letter explaining the diagnosis, as well as the prognosis. If this is the case we will give you another puppy of equal value. If we have no puppies available at the time, we will give you another puppy as soon as one becomes available. The puppy you purchased must be returned to us immediately, or an Autopsy report stating the cause of death to be the fault of the Breeder. The Breeder is not responsible for any shipping charges.

  7. Your puppy has been started on vaccinations for Parvo Virus, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Coronavirus, and adenovirus. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep all vaccinations and preventative medicines up to date on this puppy as not to expose this puppy to any contagious or harmful diseases that may cause illness or death.

  8. Your new puppy will have a Two Year Health Guarantee. The Guarantee will cover ONLY Congenital problems, such as the heart, kidney, liver etc. If a problem arises please follow the steps above.

  9. The Breeder does not warrant the puppy to be free of any problems, such as diarrhea (normally caused by changing homes or food), Separation Anxiety, Coccidious, or Parasites.

  10. The Buyer agrees that he/she is ready for the commitment of their new puppy and agrees to take the proper responsibilities in caring for the puppy.

  11. The Breeder does guarantee the puppy you purchased is healthy, clean and socialized. We stand behind our Breeding program and and offer this guarantee with each of our puppies. We hope that your puppy will bring you the happiness they have brought to our lives. We hope you enjoy your new best friend.

    Remember you have 72 HOURS to take your puppy to the Vet for their Well Health Exam.


    This puppy has been on the diet of Authority Chicken and Rice Formula Puppy Food.


    Please sign below stating you have read, understand, and fully agree to the terms of this contract. This contract must be signed by both buyer and seller or it is null and void.


Buyer's Signature:__________________________________

Breeder's Signature: ________________________________

Today's Date:_______________________________________