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Stormy Weather AKA Storm

Storm was born on 4-10-15. She has gained a little weight since these pictures so I will update pictures soon. She is a pretty Blue Merle Cocker Spaniel. She has 1 brown eye and 1 eye that is half blue half brown. She is AKC registered and has been spayed already. She is a very sweet girl and she Loves attention. She gets along great with kids and most other dogs. She is pretty laid back and likes her friends to be too. She is happiest on the couch or just any ole place in the room with you. She is in excellent health overall but she does need to take thyroid medicine daily. The medicine is very inexpensive but she will need to be on it for the rest of her life and will occasionally need to have her thyroid checked. She is very smart and will not eat pill pockets because she knows their is medicine in it, so she prefers cheese, lol. Her ears need to be cleaned twice a week to prevent ear infections. She is house trained and sleeps in our room at night. Storm is 400.00.