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Maisy May

Hi Anna! Just wanted to send you over some new pictures! Maisy May has already been to the beach twice now and loves it! She is so smart and so fun to play with! We went to the vet last week and I was way off with her weight! ...She is as 12 pounds! :-) We start puppy classes on Thursday and I can't wait! Maisy has a ton of energy and loves to play with her four legged friends! For memorial day we went to the beach and Maisy was able to play all weekend with my brother's dog Lily, which is a springer spaniel/lab mix. **Also, there is a girl at my vet that loves Maisy May! I gave her your contact info and she said she would reach out to about being on the waiting list for your next litter. Her name is Emily as well! :-) Hope you have a great weekend! Emily