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Hi Luke & Anna! I've been meaning to send you guys a picture of Kirby for months now! Someone asked where we got her & I gave them your info so I thought I'd send an email! Hope you are doing well! Kirby is just perfect- we are obsessed with her & she's the most popular pup in our building. Everyone just loves her. She's SO sweet- always wants to snuggle and give kisses- unless we're at the dog park & then she plays nonstop til she's exhausted! We just love her and can't imagine life without her! She's 20lbs now and just over 8 months old & she even knows a few tricks- shes so smart! We are going to start training her to be a therapy dog so she and I can visit sick children at the hospital- she bring so much joy to our lives I know she will do the same for kids! Anyway- just thought you might like an update! Thank you for such a great addition to our family! Lindsay