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Standard Poodle puppies



It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to no longer breed Standard Poodles. This decision was not made over night. I have thought about it and thought about it for over a year now and have decided to retire our adults and only breed Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos. I'm getting older now and it is getting harder for me to groom the bigger Standard Poodles. I will really miss the pleasure of breeding these guys and raising their puppies. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we Love them all so very much!



****Please note that once you have placed a deposit on your puppy and the puppy has been listed as adopted, you will not be able to change puppies. Please make sure your decision is final. Thank you for your cooperation!****



For pictures of some our past Standard Poodles, please see our Testimonials page! Our puppies grow up to be healthy, happy and beautiful and we love them all first!! 



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I use to think Standard Poodle, no way! Who wants a giant Poodle? Until I had the opportunity to meet one! I fell in Love with this breed right away and had to have one or two! Since I've had my Standard Poodles, I have really learned what I've been truly missing out on. They are the best dogs. Sure there is alot of grooming involved unless you keep their coat trimmed down. But to experience one of the most intelligent dog breeds on earth is more than a pleasure to me. I now know how smart a dog can really be. I can't see myself with out having a Standard Poodle in my life now. They are very smart, funny, elegant and playful creatures. Most Standard Poodles Love the water and can be trained easily for hunting or as a therapy dog for the handicapped. They are loyal to their family and great with kids. Most of my Standard Poodle customers have already experienced the Joy a Standard Poodle can bring and they always tell me, "After owning a Standard Poodle, I'll never have another breed." And to think these over grown Babies are nothing like the smaller, more yippy Poodles! They are perfect for allergy sufferers as they are hypoallergenic and do not shed. 


                ****We reserve the right to refuse to sale a puppy to just anyone.**** 


                                                                                                                                   Standard Poodles even make excellent hunters with the proper training! They were not just bred for their elegance or intelligence!